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Cancer is one word that everyone around the world has learnt to fear. The disease has many repercussions and is fatal in many cases. Though Cancer has emerged as one of the major diseases affecting Indian Populace in the last couple of years, however, people are still not aware about the Oncologists that they should be visiting and the kind of treatment that they should be seeking for the treatment of their condition. We spoke to some major


 regarding the treatment, causes and prevention of Cancer. Let’s take a look.

Doctors dealing with

Surgical Oncology

are of a view that Oncologists use three major techniques to cure Cancer in patients suffering from the disease. They use a combination of Chemotherapy (using drugs in order to kill the cancer cells by stopping their ability to divide and grow) along with other medications such as targeted therapy and an oral chemotherapy. Surgical Oncologists also remove the tumor/ cancer along with the surrounding tissue during an operation. They can also perform biopsy which is done by removing the small amount of tissue to study the kind of cancer it is. A radiation oncologist treats cancer with the help of the radiation therapy, such as high energy x rays and other particles in order to kill the cancer cells.

Some of the

best Oncologists

whom we spoke to, told us that there are certain stages towards explaining the condition and the stage of the disease to the patients. The 

best cancer specialist doctors

 told us that it is very important to explain the cancer diagnosis and stage to patient. After that, it is mandatory for the doctor to discuss the various treatment options with the patient and recommend the best course of treatment. It is also the duty of the oncologist to deliver a high quality and compassionate care to the patient. Not only that, they also help the patient to maintain their quality of life by managing the pain related to the cancer and other symptoms/side effects related to the disease such as constipation, vomiting and fatigue.

Some of the

top Oncology Surgeons

 make use of personalized and targeted therapies in order to combat and fight against the disease. They choose a personalized medication which selects the treatment based on the genetic makeup of the patient along with the size of the tumor. Not only are that, with the genetic tests and analysis, the doctors also able to customize the treatment as per the needs of the patient. Targeted treatments are the ones which focus the activity of the treatment over the area on which the tumor is based on. This is also dependent on the size of the tumor, genetic mutations or the proteins that form the base of the cancer cells.


 are also of the view that bone marrow and stem cell transplants can also be done in order to treat the cancer. This procedure is done for the patients suffering from Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma or some kinds of Lymphoma. Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatment options used in which drugs are used to kill the cancer cells and prevent them from growing. Since the drugs used in Chemotherapy are often strong and powerful, they can also cause damage to the healthy cells of the body.

Cancer Specialists Doctors

 also make use of the radiation therapy, which uses X rays at a low energy radiation; such as the radio waves and the heat in order to focus on and kill the cancer cells. Radiation Therapy is also used in order to shrink the tumors and to reduce the pressure, pain and other symptoms which are related to cancer when it is not possible to get rid of the disease completely.

Oncologists are of a view that it is possible to prevent cancer completely. The risk of developing cancer can be cut down drastically by avoiding the risk factors related to the disease. With timely screening of the body and increasing one’s attention on the diet and nutrition, it is possible to prevent cancer and cut down the risk of the disease. Obesity is also related to the disease and it is possible to cut down one’s rate of developing the disease. Physical Activity and indulging in Yoga or meditation is also known to cut down the rate of developing cancer.


 are also of a view that cutting down one’s consumption of alcohol and tobacco are also known to bring down the risk of developing the disease to a great extent. It is also recommended to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun in order to cut down the risk of developing and onset of skin cancer!

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