Preventing Cold Before It Happens

By Refadoc, Posted on : Friday, 27 February 2015 - 2:21 pm IST

A typical adult suffers from cold about two to three times in a week. If you have somehow gone through those periods or you have managed to stay congestion free this season, there is promising news for you. You can prevent cold before it happens. Once the cold causing virus enters your body, nothing can prevent it from running. After that, there is no cure for the congestion, runny nose and body aches which can confine you to the couch for three to ten days.

However, you are not completely defenseless against cold. If you can manage to keep your immune system strong you will be able to fight off the cold virus invasion very easily. Here are a few simple tips to protect yourself against cold:

  • Get Quality Sleep: This is easier said than done. Inadequate sleep can cause a dent in your immune system. Some studies have been able to prove that inadequate sleep causes the derailing in the functioning of the T cells and increases the inflammatory cytokines, known to lessen our ability to fight against cold and flu.
  • Get enough Plant Food: Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are often packed with antioxidants which are known to be important for the cell repair and are able to give your immune system a much needed lift. Plant foods are known to minimize the stress on the immune system and can help to fight off infections better.
  • Consume more mushrooms: Mushrooms are known to have immune upping powers and they are likely to enhance the cell lines which are involved in fighting against infections such as interleukins and interferon. Make sure to consume mushrooms on a regular basis by adding them to your stir fries or salads.
  • Cutting down the stress: You may have heard it before, but just like sleep deprivation, long term stress is also known to release stress hormones into the system which lower down the production of the white blood cells, thereby decreasing the overall immunity of your body.
  • Stay hydrated: Choose from a variety of fluids such as hot soup, tea or other steamy fluids which can help your body to loosen the mucous and make your sore throat feel better. In some cases, even the room temperature can work wonders. Adequate hydration is known to help the body fight off infection.


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