Secrets For Baby Soft Lips

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 20 January 2015 - 1:57 am IST

Pout and duck face selfies are the trend of the day. However, your lips play a major part in order to get that perfect pouty picture. Due to the winter season, our lips often dry off and break. So, here we are, offering you some of the easy and quickest ways to fix up your dry lips in a jiffy:

Get exfoliating: Exfoliation is one of the major parts of your lip’s beauty regimen. Exfoliation makes sure that you are able to remove all the dead skin cells and helps your lips in order to maintain its recommended amount of moisture. There are plenty of lip exfoliation scrubs which are available in the market for you to choose from. However, you can make one of your own rights from your kitchen. Since it will be free of chemicals, it will be easy on your skin and your pocket!

Homemade Lip Exfoliation Scrubs:

  1. Olive Oil and Coffee Scrub: Take equal amounts of Olive Oil and Coffee and make it into a paste. Put this paste on your lips gently and massage in small circular moves. Leave this paste on for 3-4 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  2. Honey and Sugar: Mix one part of honey with two parts of sugar and apply it all over your lips. Let this paste stay on for three minutes and then wipe it away with a cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm water.
  3. Olive Oil and Sugar: Take equal amounts of Olive Oil and Sugar and make a paste out it. Apply this all over your lips for three – four minutes and then wipe it away with a cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm water for best effects.
  4. Baking Soda: Apply a thick paste of baking soda paste mixed with water all over your lips for two minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Make sure that you follow up your lip exfoliation with proper moisturizing. Try using a nice lip balm, a petroleum jelly solution or plain olive oil.

Also, keep in mind never to rub off your lips with cotton as its strands are often left down on the lips. Always use a cotton swab dipped in warm water for your lips. The exfoliation is going to make your lips softer and healthier and make sure to repeat this regimen once or twice a week at the most. 

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