Seven Secrets to Simple Yet Happy Living

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 27 August 2014 - 9:21 am IST


It takes people years and even an entire lifetime to figure out what they need to do and what makes them happy. Some people are successful in figuring it out, while some are not. However, in life it does not matter how much we have, but how happy we are with what we have.  Simplicity is bliss for someone who wants to have a happy life without any qualms about what they do and how they do it. So, if you are looking out for ways to make your life uncomplicated and happy, take a read:

  1. Decreasing the Consumption: Consumerism is the gift of the 21st century to the modern man. However, with everything that we purchase, for every choice that we make, we become responsible. Therefore, the best way is to consume less in order to let go of all the extra stress which comes along. Cut back on your needs and demands and do not encourage impulsive spending. Not only is it going to save your money, it will make you realize about what you want and what you do not.
  2. Reducing the wastage: One man’s garbage is another man’s wealth. Recycling should be encouraged, but we reduce the overall wastage that we generate, we can be saving a lot of extra volume which we generate. Before you send something out to the landfill, make sure that you ensure that it can be recycled and reused.
  3. Quantifying your energy: Energy prices are going up every single year. Energy saved is going to be energy gained for you! Try investing in renewable sources of energy and make sure that you can weatherize whenever you can! Consider going out for options which save your energy consumption and make a better use of the natural resources all around us.
  4. Engage in Growth and production: There is nothing as good as the real food. Rather than depending on the packaged food, engage in a little gardening and grow your own food! It will be healthier and will be more cost effective. What more, it will instil in you a sense of growing something and gaining the satisfaction of cooking something which is totally organic.
  5. Reducing the Automobile Dependence: Modern Living is incomplete without automobiles. After all, they are the biggest inventions of the 21st century. However, it we choose bicycles and public transportation as compared to our own bikes and cars, it will be saving our money and energy, not to add that we will be more in shape with all that bicycling and walking.
  6. Getting rid of the stress: Stress is something which everyone is fighting and battling from these days. The everyday responsibilities of home and workplace make it very difficult sometimes to manage. This contributes to immense stress which makes us jettisoned. However, the best way to fight stress is to make sure that you take things slow and work at your own pace. So, trade the stress for something more productive and indulge in something which relaxes you!
  7. Giving Back: We are caught up in a cycle of taking in and giving back. However, the latter has somehow decreased in the last couple of years. So, learn to give back something for every single thing which you gain. Once you learn to be appreciative of others and make a personal decision to give back, you will be making your life simpler and happier, not to mention much satisfying!

Seven simple ways, no doubt there are many more! 

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