Signs of a Cheating Husband

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 23 July 2014 - 1:37 pm IST

People say that a wife’s instinct is usually right and if she suspects that her husband is having an affair, then there are high chances of it being true. However, there are a large percentage of wives who are so oblivious to their husband’s change in behaviour and moods that they fail to see what is going on. A relationship is built on trust.

But, what if you suspect that your trust is being broken by your husband? If you do not want to get a nasty shock, it is best to stay alert and look for signs that will indicate that all is not well in your relationship. Here we present to you a list of signs of a cheating husband.

Coming Home Late

One of the earliest sign of infidelity in men is change in working habits. If your spouse is regularly putting in extra time than is normal at work, than your alarm bells should start ringing. Although a big meeting or a presentation warrants that he spends more time at the office, if is becoming a regular feature, then it might be time to worry. Spending a lot of time at work could mean that he does not want to spend time with you or worse he has found someone else that he wants to spend time with.

Paying Extra Attention to Looks

Has your husband started to work out at the gym and is paying a lot of attention to his looks. Paying attention to physical attention is one of the classic signs of male infidelity. A sudden change in dressing sense, alteration in hairstyle and purchase of perfumes and skin care products might mean that your man is trying to look good to impress a certain someone.

Change in Attitude

If you are being showered with gifts and taken out for shopping and dining by your spouse who previously was not paying any attention to you, then there is a high likelihood that he is cheating on you. Men who cheat, often try to assuage their guilt by buying expensive gifts for their wives. If your normally unromantic spouse showering you with a lot of attention and gifts, then it might be because he is having an affair.

Being Distant

On the other hand if communication between you and your partner has become quite strained and your partner says that he needs space, then it might mean that he has found someone else. If you notice that your partner is being distant, answers in monosyllables to your questions, and tries to avoid you, he probably wants to move away from you and the relationship because he has found someone else.

Absence of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy in a relationship is one of the biggest signs of infidelity. Although stress and work related issues can cause a decrease in intimacy, if problems in intimacy persist for a long period of time, it can mean that your partner has someone else who is satisfying his needs.

Keeping Secrets

Is your partner spending a lot of time on his cell phone, texting and talking to someone. Does he go out of the room to take a phone call? Does he become agitated when you touch his cell phone or laptop? Well, all these might point to your husband having an affair. Keeping passwords on the computer and cell phone and whispering on the phone might all be signs that he is cheating on you.

These were some signs of a cheating husband. If you have a feeling that you are being cheated on, then it is best that you look for evidence and confront your spouse. In the case of infidelity, ignorance is not bliss.

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