Signs That Your Partner is a Bully

By Refadoc, Posted on : Thursday, 10 July 2014 - 6:17 am IST

Living with an abusive partner who constantly belittles you is no cakewalk. Many women live with people who are simply unsuitable and make them unhappy. Sometimes the bullying is so subtle that you fail to recognize what is going on. If you are constantly on edge and fear what your partner is going to say to put you down, then you are definitely living with an emotional bully. Here we are going to discuss some of the signs that your partner is a bully.

5 Classic Signs that your Partner is a Bully:

Makes you Feel Guilty

A classic sign of a bully is a person who tries to make you feel guilty for any action with their behaviour. This kind of bullying is very difficult to identify and as such tough to handle. In this form of bullying, your partner sulks, gives you the silent treatment or plays the martyr to get what they want.

Belittles you in Front of Friends

If your partner always makes fun of you or puts you down in front of his friends then it is a sign that he is an emotional bully. These types of people are highly insecure and have a mean streak. They like to feel superior by putting other people down. If your partner behaves in this way, then it is best to confront him about his behaviour to make sure that he does not repeat it.

Tries to Control You

A person who tries to control you by telling you who you should be friends with or what types of clothes you should wear is actually a bully. This kind of bully tries to modify your personality to suit their temperament. If you are living with such a person, then you might one day realize that you have changed so much for the relationship, that you no longer recognize yourself. Living with such a partner gradually erodes your self-esteem and you will end up being bitter and resentful.

Throws Stuff

If your partner throws stuff like pillows, remote control or their cell phone in anger, then you need to get out the relationship fast. These types of bullies are the most dangerous as they can turn physically abusive quite soon. Throwing things is an act of violence and is not at all acceptable.

Emotional Blackmail

A partner who threatens to end a relationship or kill themselves if you don’t do their bidding is also a bully. Such people like to create drama and get their way at all cost. They are manipulative people who need to win at all cost. Such egomaniacs like to play on your emotions and vulnerabilities and make you do things to behave in a way that suits them.

These were some signs that you are living with a bully.

Bullies are basically insecure people who get their thrills by putting down people. You need to remember that you can always walk away from such people who are toxic and who make your life miserable.

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