Six Lies You Often Tell Yourself

By Refadoc, Posted on : Friday, 27 February 2015 - 2:07 pm IST

Six Lies You Often Tell Yourself

People often tend to be quite hard on themselves. Some people love to be their very own critics. However, but when you tell yourself a lot of negative things, in the longer run you start to believe them gradually. Chances are that they are the lies that you tell yourself. So, before you turn to these unhealthy habits, give those lies a boot first. Here are some of the lies that you tell yourself and the truth about them:

  • I am not attractive: This is one of the biggest lies that women say to themselves. They tend to feel bad due to the models and the stars. That is not real. Most models tend to look better due to the stylists and the airbrushing which helps them to look their best at all times. Look at yourself and look at the features that you find the best about yourself. It is better to focus on the positives rather than looking on the negatives.
  • I am Fat: There are more to things that you just look at. Also, we tend to believe the negative things without any major proof. If you are worried about being overweight, you need to book an appointment with your doctor and check your BMI. If your doctor agrees with you, then you should work together as team to combat it.
  • I am Bad at Sports: If you feel less athletic, you can always get better with practicing the working on your skills or strength. You can always focus on the sports which you like better and it can also be an excellent way to burn off your calories and your stress.
  • I am not too smart: Nobody is good at everything but you can always get smarter. You have to just ask yourself that have I really looked for a solution. When you think that things are really tough, you need to look at your past successes for signs of inspiration. When you are facing some challenges, you should turn to the people who love you for inspiration.
  • I don’t have many friends: You should never measure your friends going by the numbers on your Facebook. It is always about having good friends. If you are feeling lonely, you need to join clubs and teams which match up to your choices and you need to find some friends of your own interest group. That way, having something in common is going to make sure that you keep the conversation flowing.
  • I am too short or tall: Height is not something which you can control. If you are wishing that you could grow any taller or think that maybe it could have been better if you did not stand too tall, the answer is just the same.  Stand taller. Good posture does the trick in order to make you feel smarter and better looking. Keeps the confidence flowing and concentrate on the positive attributes that you’ve got to offer.












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