Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 09 March 2015 - 11:34 am IST

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Women often find themselves wrestling around the bed in order to try being comfortable during the course of their pregnancy. However, it is sad news that our regular sleeping positions do not work during the course of pregnancy. There are a number of reasons behind this discomfort. However, here are some of these sleeping positions which pregnant women can try in order get the much needed rest.

When a woman is pregnant, her body goes through a variety of changes. These changes tend to disrupt the usual peaceful sleep. Here are some of the many reasons behind uncomfortable sleeping patterns in pregnant women:

  •          Increased size of the abdomen
  •          Back pains
  •          Heartburns
  •          Shortness of the breath
  •          Insomnia

Sleeping on side is one of the best sleep positions during your pregnancy. It is even better to sleep on the left side. Sleeping on the left side helps to increase the amount of blood and the nutrients which reaches the placenta and the baby. It is recommended to keep your knees and the legs bent and to keep a pillow between your legs,

If you are going through heartburn during the night time, you might also want to prop your upper body with pillows. During the late pregnancy you might also experience shortness of breath, for this, try lying on the side with propped pillows.

Sleeping on your back: Sleeping on the back can cause problems such as backaches, breathing, digestive system, low blood pressure and a decrease in the circulation to the heart and the baby. This is caused due to the abdomen resting on the intestines and the major blood vessels.

Sleeping on the stomach: If you are sleeping on your stomach while you are farther along in your pregnancy, your abdomen undergoes a lot of physical changes and makes it more difficult for you to lay on your stomach.



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