Smart Late Night Snacking Hacks

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 23 December 2014 - 1:23 pm IST

It’s 12 am and you are foraging the fridge for an after dinner snack. But are you wondering if your midnight snack should be nixed? Dieticians have suggested that eating in the evening or over the course of the night is one of the most common obstacles which people suffer from when they are trying to lose the weight. It has been found that the maximum calorie intake of a patient comes from his midnight snack.

Our body’s metabolism tends to slow down at night, making it an inappropriate time to eat. If you are trying to lose your body weight, the best way to begin is by not eating at night. If you stop snack at night, you are going to wake up with a flatter tummy and an improved digestion.

However, if you are a night owl and cannot resist snacking at night, try these smart hacks:

  • Tame your cravings: If you are pining for food, it does not necessarily mean that your blood sugar is dipping low. It is recommended to eat a quality breakfast and lunch loaded with proteins, crabs, fats as well as vegetables. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding white sugars is going to keep your blood sugar in control.
  • Try distracting yourself: Most of the times, we tend to eat just because we are bored or are stressed out. Changing your routine can help you to reduce your food intake in the evening.
  • Get moving: Moderating your exercise by walking and boosting your mood is going to make you less likely to binge at night and crave for food.
  • Ban down the Junk: Chips, biscuits as well as ice cream are easily found in the pantry and should be avoided on all costs. The best way is to stop bringing junk home so that you are not tempted to eat them.
  • Have a drink: If you are tempted for a midnight snack, it is recommended to go and brush your teeth or drink water or herbal tea. Try light foods such as broth and vegetables for a change.
  • Snack sensibly: If you’ve eaten sensibly during the day and you are hungry at night, then it is recommended to eat sensibly and nutritiously at night. Try and snack on some fruits and vegetables. Keep a tab on the portions of food that you are eating and snack sensibly. 
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