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Smoking : Quit Now

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 15 September 2015 - 10:46 am IST

Smoking as a habit is known to kill around 443,000 people all over the world every year. Not only that, it has emerged to be one of the most prominent causes for the increase of lung and oral cancer amongst people. Becoming a smoker can be very easy and can be attributed to many factors, but quitting it can be the hardest and the most difficult challenge. When a smoker has decided to quit smoking, then the cravings for tobacco within the system can be very difficult to control.

For most users and smokers, this craving or urge for smoking can be immensely powerful. Therefore, it is very important to tackle them in order to get rid of the habit. Though the cravings can be frequent and very powerful, it is essential to remember that they will be small and will pass shortly. If a person abstains from smoking or from consuming tobacco during these cravings, then he will be able to come out clean. However, this can be extremely challenging. Therefore, here are some tips in order to fight those cravings and emerge out healthier than before:

  • Avoiding the Triggers: Triggers or tendencies that force a person to take up the smoking habit can be the strongest when a person is in an environment that induces the urge. For instance, being in parties or groups where smoking is rampant, can lead to the inducement of the trigger. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the triggers and then abstain from that environment. The chances of relapse are very high during the initial stage of quitting and therefore, it is necessary to stay away and avoid the triggers.
  •  Opting for Nicotine Replacement Therapy: NRT is one of the best ways to deal with the cravings. These include the Nicotine Nasal Spray as well as the Nicotine Inhaler. Though, these are available only with a prescription, they contain medications such as Bupropion and Varenicline. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has recently approved that these products are safe to be used and do not cause any side-effects to the user. Nicotine Replacement Patches gums and lozenges are easily available over the counter and can be used in case a person craves for nicotine.
  • Delaying the Urge: In case a person is suffering from a strong urge to smoke, then it is best to delay that urge. It is important to give your mouth with a delay factor in order to get over the tobacco urge. Most of the people chew on candy or gum or cereals and seeds in order to get over the urge.
  • Avoiding having the only one:  In most of the cases people fall prey to the ‘just one’ impulse. Avoid the temptation to have that only one cigarette. Don’t make yourself believe that you will be having this one piece and will be quitting thereon. One piece leads to taking on to the other and you will end up falling into a period of relapse.
  • Taking up an exercising regimen: Engaging in a physical activity is going to make sure that you are distracted from regaining your tobacco consuming habit. Even if you indulge in an activity of 30 minutes per day, it is going to help you deal with your everyday cravings. Walking, jogging pushes, running or even squats is going to be very beneficial for you. If you are not an exercise kind of person, then engaging in something else that interests you are equally rewarding.
  • Relaxation Therapies: This can be practised with the help of a friend or a family member. In this, to get over the craving, you would need some moral support from your family and therefore, when you need to talk things out with someone, it is necessary to have someone along. Also, since the cravings tend to be stressful sometimes, it is recommended to indulge in activities such as Yoga, therapy, music relaxation or even massages.
  • Think of the Benefits: Nothing can help your commit towards anti-smoking than you yourself. Until and unless you are aware of the benefits which  you will be incurring by not smoking, it will not be a complete abstinence. Therefore, once you commit towards quitting smoking, it is necessary to feel better about yourself and realize the drastic positive changes that have been enforced into your life. This could be feeling healthier, saving money as well as sparing of near ones from the dangers and the ill effects of passive smoking.

 It can be challenging and excruciating difficult to fight off the urge to smoke. However, once that has been done, you will be moving forwards towards a happy, smoke free life!


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