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Sodium is one of the major components of our everyday diet. Table salt (Sodium Chloride) is the major source of Sodium for humans. This mineral is known to control the blood pressure as well as the blood volume in the body. Also, it has proven instrumental to maintaining the fluid balance in the body. Sodium is known to regulate the functioning of the muscles and the nerves, thereby proving to be one of the most essential minerals needed by humans.

Some people are not able to obtain the required amount of Sodium via their diet and thus, suffer from health problems.

Sources of Sodium:

Fruits: All fruits contain a little amount of Sodium, but Passion fruit has emerged to be the richest source of Sodium naturally.

Vegetables: Fresh vegetables such as Broccoli, artichoke, Brussels, celery, fennel, kale, squash and potatoes are rich sources of Sodium as well.

Meats and protein derivatives, such as cheese, cream, milk, eggs, caviar, herring, turkey, bacon, yoghurt, pork, sausage and beef are rich sources of Sodium as well.

Legumes are not known to be a good source of the mineral; however, Winged beans are known to be excellent sources of Sodium.

Daily consumption:

On an average, an adult needs 500 mg of Sodium per day.

An infant needs 120 mg of Sodium per day.

The daily value recommendation however does not exceed 2400-3000 mg per day. 

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