Stand Tall to Kill The Pain

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 17 December 2014 - 10:26 am IST

Your posture is not all about how you look. It also tends to have a major impact on how you feel and on what you do. Yes, surprising it may sound but your posture can have a real impact on the way you eat and your back pain problems. Researchers have been able to suggest the following:

Posture and Weight Loss:

If you really want to exercise and eat sensibly and your resolve goes wobbly in the middle of it all, your posture may hold a key. Try clenching your hand, gritting your teeth or standing on your tiptoe. Flexing on your muscles is not only going to make your willpower stronger, but is going to help you to steer clear of the temptation. The cumulative effect of this therapy can be quite large over a period of time.

Posture and Back Pain:

So, your back pain is killing you? All you want to do is go and curl up in a ball? However, a study published last year has found that an expansive posture, such as standing tall and straight with your shoulders back and your chest out is going to make you less sensitive to pain. On the other hand, a dominant posture may help you to breathe deeply, but can affect the hormone levels in your bloodstream.

Your posture directly influences your mindset. With a correct posture, you feel more confident, powerful as well as increase your tolerance towards pain. 

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