Steam Cooking - Easy and Fun

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 02 June 2015 - 10:38 am IST

Steam cooking is the simplest way towards healthy eating and cooking. You may be working out in gyms or dieting your way through life, but if you end up consuming oily and fried food, it all goes down in the drain. Therefore, steaming food proves out to be a godsend. It is easy to prepare, cut out on the unwanted calories and proves out to be the healthiest of the food options.

During steaming, the uniform and random flowing of steam in the vessel helps in retaining the nutrious value of the food. The steam gently disseminates through the food causing the minimized loss of nutrients from food and conserving the required texture and juices of the food. Steaming has come forward to be one of the easiest methods for cooking vegetables, food, pasta, etc.

 Food steaming as an option was practised all over India from the most primitive days. Earlier, food was usually wrapped in banana or bamboo leaves and then was placed upon a pierced utensil of boiling water. This allowed the food to be cooked on their own pace and allow the retention of the natural juices and texture of the food, without destroying the taste and the nutritional value of the food.

One of the major benefits of using the method of steaming is that you are able to cook and cater to a large number of items on various tiers, in a specific kind of cooking vessel. This method is preferred as it is both time and energy saving.

Steaming ensures that the food moisture and freshness is retained and also makes it tender and very easy to be digested. Also, steaming as a method can be used for a large amount of dishes, ranging from meats, seafood to vegetables and fruits. It usually takes less than 30 minutes to prepare a recipe using the steaming method and provides ample of time to soften the rough fibres in food and makes them easy for digestion as well. On top of that, steaming is the best possible way to retain the natural colours, texture as well as flavours and juices of the food.

So, until now if you have not tried this method of steam cooking, then this is the right time to introduce it to your kitchen and triumph along with some innovations. Introduce your family to the healthy and delicious recipes with steam cooking!

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