Stopping the Comparison and being Happier

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 22 September 2014 - 5:43 pm IST


Want to know the fast track to unhappiness? Start comparing!

If you want to feel really down for no reason at all, you should start comparing yourself with the people around you, and there you are! People tend to compare themselves with other people for their looks, accomplishments, attractiveness, success or more money etc. However, what is the outcome of all this?

Just plain jealousy, a feeling of inferiority or having a negative social comparison moment! Comparisons are known to give rise to greater stress, a feeling of depression as well as self defeating moments.

If we wish to look or to be like someone with whom we are comparing ourselves with, we are not wishing for everything that person is, but in fact are looking at the other person in an idolized way. This ideal perception which we form about the other person is easily known to be narcissistic in nature. Also, in most of the cases, chances are that the other person is not what you believe them to be! They could be almost the opposite of what you perceive them to be, on the basis of their social networking world!

People whom we look up to, or idolize also suffer from their moments of despair and also tend to have weaknesses, flaws as well as problems just like we have!

Comparing yourself with what others have got can also make you feel or think lesser of yourself. You may be wanting to be rich like someone or have a wonderful romantic relationship like someone else, but then give yourself a reality check, you have nothing but despair to fall back on! This is because you think that your life is not half as amazing as theirs is! However, if you happen to look at their life from another perspective, you will be able to see that there is more to them and their life than what meets the eye.

No matter how much the other person looks appealing to you, they are just the same as you are! They too have challenges and moments of despair. They too have their share of sorrows just like you! Accepting yourself, your life, your relationships as well as your purpose is what makes like meaningful and better! You have to realize your value and have to stop comparing it with someone else. This can only be achieved when you let go of the entitlements, privileges as well as the other materialistic accomplishments and learn to embrace the inner and supreme you! 

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