Taking Care Of Your Invisibles

By Refadoc, Posted on : Saturday, 29 November 2014 - 7:13 pm IST


It’s true that contact lenses allow us to see the world and the beauty in it. However, they too require proper care and handling. So, here are a few useful tips to take care of your invisibles:

  • Make sure that you put in your contact lenses before you apply your makeup. The greasy creams and lotions on your face are one of the greatest enemies of your contacts.
  • When spraying an aerosol, ensure that your eyes are only open a mere crack.
  • It has been advised by eye specialists to not spend too much time in a smoke filled room while you are wearing your lenses.
  • Though, certain lenses instruct that it is okay to sleep with your lenses in, it is advised to remove the lenses before you go to sleep. The lowered eyelid tends to exert a pressure on the lenses, hindering the nourishment of the eye.
  • If by chance, you have forgotten to place your lens in its solution after use and it has dried off, you need to throw the lens away. You cannot soak it back into the solution and then reuse it.
  • Make sure that you clean your contact lens every time you use it with sterile solution. Then allow the lens to air dry. Replace the contact lens storage case after every three months.


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