Ten Fantastic Gifts Women Secretly Need

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 02 December 2014 - 3:31 am IST


Christmas and New Years are knocking on the door. For people who are in a relationship, it is about time to start thinking about prospective gifts for their women! Though women secretly drop hints now and then about the gifts they want, men often find themselves in a perplexed state. Often a day before the festival, men start frantically looking for a present for their perfect half. So, take it from a woman! Here are the ten gifts which women are going to love without burning a hole in your wallet!

Make a Mixed Tape:

This never goes out of style. This gift is both sentimental and something which will always remind her of you. Make a CD of her favorite songs and add some specials of your own. Certain songs that were playing on your first date or your first dance can add a special and heartfelt quality to your gift. Don’t forget to add the classics such as ‘How Deep is Your Love” or “I just called to say I love you”.

Refill her goblet:

You know what her favorite drink is. Something she likes to sip by after a tiring day or while watching the television. So, go big and buy her a case of her favorite drink. If she is a wine lover, get her a case of vintage red wine. If she loves her scotch, get her a good case of the same.

Fix her when she needs it:

Women often suffer from little technical problems. However, they do not tell all of these to men. So, go around and fix something which she is having problems with. It could be something in the kitchen or something with her electronic gadgets. Women appreciate when they receive help without asking.


If your girl is a huge enthusiast of collecting rarities, then the world is your oyster! Get her something which is missing in her collection. It could be a rare item which has been eluding her for a long time. Find it. Obtain it. Give it to your lady love.

A Hardcover:

Is your woman a book lover or a writer? Then you have no loss of options. Get her a new hardcover by an author she loves. Get it on the day it is released. Or, you can go in for a rare edition of a book that she loves. Nothing compares to a copy signed by the author himself!

Yoga Collectibles:

Yoga Collectibles such as a Yoga Mat, a CD or even a Yoga Top which she had her eyes on, could be a premium gift. If you buy these items for your girl, she is going to regale you with the tales of how she was waiting for the right time or the right sale to buy it. Brands such as Prana and Beyond Yoga can give you good deals.

Subscribing that Channel:

Nothing says I love you better than a cable channel which your girl has been asking you to subscribe. Get her the one which airs all her favorite shows. If she is addicted to a particular series, get her a year of show time so that she can watch the re runs too!

Front Row Seats:

Get her front row seats to something that she is dying to see. A concert, a comic fest, a musical, a game or even her favorite band’s performance would win her over. Make sure that you book well in advance and get the seats booked when they are up for grabs.

Canvas or a Picture:

Though these are stereotypical gifts, they never go out of style. Get a cool picture of both of you from her Instagram or the one that she really loves and turn it into a 16” x 20” work of art without any frame. This is going to remind her everyday of how much this relationship means to you.

A Monogrammed Gift:

Anything, be a smart phone case, a throw pillow, a neckpiece or a glass with a monogram is going to win her over. If this is something your girl is going to love, then she is going to love it even more when her initials are on it. So, get it and woo her over.  

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