Ten Reasons Why Your Guy's Not In The Mood

By Refadoc, Posted on : Friday, 12 December 2014 - 3:06 am IST

There is a very common misconception that thrives amongst women all over the world. It is that men are always in a mood for sex. This is not so. Just because they love something, does not mean that they always want to give it a go.

Just like women, men also go through mood swings and these mood changes more often lead the guy to avoid being in the disposition for sex. There are a million reasons why a guy may shoot down sex. However, here are a few most common reasons why your guy is not in the mood for it.

  • Gas is the problem tonight: Yes, it happens, more often than women expect. Sometimes, it is something that he just ate. And right now he feels that he is not in a mood to get on because of all that gas spinning around in his stomach! 
  • He’s not so confident tonight: Sometimes your guy is dead drunk and he is unsure about his performance. Guys often suffer from performance anxiety and therefore tend to opt out of getting physically intimate. However, despair not, there is always a tomorrow!
  • Sleep is on his mind: Your guy has worked hard all day long and has been burning the midnight oil since the last couple of days. Sometimes, all he needs is a good long sleep session in order to feel better. So, no matter how tempting sex may feel, it is better to let him doze along.
  • He is upset: You two had a fight earlier or he had a crazy day at work juggling with work politics. He could be still mad about that. However, it is wrong to assume every time that he is mad if he is not in the mood. If you suspect something, the best way to confirm is to ask him about it.
  • Back Pains: Back and neck pains are also one of the most common reasons why guys avoid sex. Sex does not seem like the right option when your back pain is killing you.
  • He feels lazy today: Women need more warm up time as compared to men. Yes, that is true. However, your man is feeling super lazy today and is kind of exhausted. He wants to have sex, but does not want to do all the work. On the other hand, he does not want to appear as overly selfish. This is a very complicated problem for the man. So, it’s better to wait and do it when he is in the right mood for it.
  • He feels slackly: Men usually don’t admit to this, but they do get self conscious sometimes. When this happens, they secretly make a vow to themselves in the moment: I am going to start working out tomorrow onwards! By tomorrow night they have forgotten all about the vow usually.
  • The Game is on: This is a reason all women are aware of. Men do not like to be disturbed when their football, baseball, basketball or cricket game is on. Maybe women can try their luck in the halftime!
  • Work related stress: Work related stress is one of the biggest factors which put men off. While he sleeps, work is on his mind. He is already worrying about that presentation in the morning. And men do not like to talk about work much. It is better to go in for a massage at that time. Not only is the massage relaxing but it also helps to get his mind off work and work the tension out of his shoulders.
  • Wanting some me time: Yes. This is the big surprise. It is a little known fact but seldom men need some time off for themselves. They plan to sit down and relax after a hectic day and this could be one of the main reasons for them not being in the mood. 


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