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Tendinitis: Basic Information

Tendinitis is known to be an inflammation or an irritation around the tendon. Tendons are thick fibrous cords which attach the muscles to the bones. Tendinitis, as a condition causes extreme pain and tenderness outside the joint which has been affected. Though this condition can occur in any of the tendon around the body, the most common areas to be affected are the ones around the shoulders, elbows, wrists and heels.

Some of the well known problems such as Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, Pitcher’s shoulder, Swimmer’s shoulder and Jumper’s Knee are various kinds of Tendinitis.

A severe case of Tendinitis often leads to the rupture of a tendon and can need surgical care. However, most cases of Tendinitis can be successfully treated with the help of rest, physical therapy as well as medications in order to get rid of the inflammation and the pain. 

Causes of Tendinitis:

Though sudden injury can be marked as one of the possible reasons for Tendinitis, repeated activity and a particular movement has known to be a major cause of Tendinitis. In most of the cases, the condition is caused due to the repetitive motions which can put an additional stress on the tendons of the affected region, leading to the ailment.

In most of the cases, the condition is caused while performing a particular activity or while participating in a particular sport. Use of an improper technique while indulging in any physical effort or in a sporting event can cause Tendinitis.

Signs and Symptoms of Tendinitis:

The major signs and symptoms tend to appear at or near the point where the tendon has distached from the bone. The major symptoms are as follows:

  •       Increased pain and a dull ache while moving the affected region
  •       Tenderness in the affected region
  •       Mild swelling or inflammation near the affected region

Self care measures are known to work effectively in most cases of Tendinitis. However, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately if the symptoms are severe and tend to persist for more than a few days. 

Diagnosis and Treatment of Tendinitis:

A physical examination is best suited in order to diagnose the condition. Often X rays are conducted along with some other major imaging tests in order to confirm the diagnosis and remove the doubts regarding any other condition.

The treatment option is prescribed in order to get rid of the pain and in order to remove the inflammation. Home remedies of the problem include rest, ice and heat treatment and use of over the counter medications. However, the following are the best used treatment options:

  1. Corticosteroids: Often, an injection of corticosteroid medications is given in order to remove the condition. This helps the patient to get rid of inflammation and to ease the pain.
  2. Pain relievers: Pain reliever such as Aspirin can be prescribed along with anti inflammatory medications in order to treat the condition. This has proved effective in order to relieve the pain and remove the other side effects which may arise in the longer run.

Therapy is another option which is prescribed to the patients for the treatment of Tendinitis. In this, specific exercises are performed in order to stretch and strengthen the affected regions. This treatment option has proved useful in treating chronic tendon inflammation.

In some of the rarer and more severe cases, surgery may be recommended and performed to correct the injury.

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