The Healing Power of A Massage

By Refadoc, Posted on : Friday, 21 November 2014 - 4:24 pm IST

The Healing Power of A Massage


Massages have been held famous for the relaxation that they bring! However, there is much more to massages than mere relaxation! Take a look at some of the famous massages and their health benefits:

Swedish massage:

In this, the therapist performs long and gliding strokes using the palms of either one or both hands. She lifts, kneads, taps, drums as well as works around in a chopping pattern.

Benefits: Swedish Massages are famous for boosting the circulation and energizing the body. It is also known to relax the tight muscles and loosen the sore joints.


In this, the practitioner applies the pressure onto different points of the body such as bare feet of the client. The massage is performed by palpitating and rubbing around in circles with the help of the fingers and the thumb.

Benefits: Reflexology is known to relieve the tension, improve the blood circulation as well as ease existing headaches, panic attacks and digestion related problems.


In Shiatsu, the client lies down on a mat, fully clothed and the masseuse gently goes around pressing the particular sections of the body with the help of the palms, thumbs and fingers.

Benefits: Shiatsu is known to boost the energy and relieve sport injuries. It has also proved very helpful in case of head and neck pain.

Hot Stones:

In this massage, flat, smooth stones of different shapes and sizes, which have been heated in warm water, are placed on the top of the body across different chakras or energy centres. The masseuse then makes sweeping strokes all over the body just like in case of Reflexology and Shiatsu.

Benefits: The hot stones are known to relieve the tension and anxiety and improve the overall circulation of the person. 

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