The Key Ways to Apologize

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 22 September 2014 - 5:50 pm IST


Relationships and conflicts go hand in hand. No matter where you are, at workplace or at home, there is always a disagreement of opinions, perspectives as well as connections which can establish to be demanding and challenging. When one person is responsible for hurting the other person, then work should be done in order to mend the faults, rather than blaming the other person for it.

One of the recent research studies has determined that apologizing is very important in order to mend a broken relationship and to further strengthen the relationship. When an apology has been rendered, its effects can prove to provide the person solace and forge a way towards forgiveness.

We have to view the relations as a valuable part of our life. Apology has increased the level of comfortness and intimacy within a relationship. Also, it makes the person who has been harmed more confident and increases the stability of the relationship. Apologizing tends to remove the elements which give birth to hurtful behaviours in the future and genuinely tends to remove the conflicts.

The most effective ways to Apologize:

Apologies tends to have a positive effect on the relationships and also tend to enhance the strength as well as sustainability of relationships, be it personal or professional relationships. Based on a recent research, it has been established that following are the best ways to say sorry:

  1. Say I am Sorry: This is the best and the simplest way to apologize. Going out in the open and acknowledging your mistake the best way to forge your relationship. Feeling regretful of your actions and apologizing for them is the best that you can do.
  2. Offering some consolation: Offering a consolation to the person whom you have harmed goes out to make sure that you show them how regretful you are, of your actions. Also, it tends to start the healing process right from the beginning.
  3. Taking responsibility for your actions: In some of the rarer situations, the responsible party doges from taking an action towards apology for their previous behaviour. Also, whenever they tend to apologize, it is more of a hollow apology which is often unauthentic and does not come from the heart. However, accepting full responsibility of your actions is known to speedup up the forgiveness.

Conflicts should always be followed by making amends. This is the demand of a relationship. Avoiding the conversation tends to make things awkward and worse in the coming future.

To err is to human, but to forgive is to divine. Our mistakes tend to have a negative impact on our relationships. Therefore, whenever in doubt of your previous actions, go out ahead and apologize, as you lose nothing and the relationship tends to become even stronger than before. A real apology tends to have a great impact in restoring our relationships and provides a perfect plan in order to better equip us towards dealing with our relationships in a mature and positive way.


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