The Perks of Being an Optimist!

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 26 November 2014 - 12:53 am IST


A recent research has proved that being optimistic and wishing for good things in life can make you healthier and can even prolong your life span. One of the recent reviews on the benefits of maintaining a positive attitude has proved to yield the phenomenal results. So, here is why it pays to be an Optimistic!

  • It’s all about the feeling:

When you are an optimistic, it helps you to feel well even when you are not well. Research has proved that people maintaining a healthy attitude live longer by inculcating a feeling of general wellbeing. There is something which is very important about that feeling of wellness, especially when you are ill. An optimistic approach can help you to deal with stress in a better way. Studies have proved that each time we are optimistic about something, our immune system’s response to any infection is improved by 20%!

  • Optimism becomes a part of your personality:

Anxiety, stress and other negative emotions tend to be detrimental to the growth of the body. These emotions have proven to be bad for the cardiovascular and immune system. However, maintaining a positive outlook helps us to protect ourselves against these effects. People who are optimistic in their outlook towards life are prone to react differently towards their everyday problems. They also tend to exercise more and quit harmful habits such as smoking. Even if they are sick, they tend to work towards their treatment and speedy recovery. Optimism brings along willingness and a need to help oneself.

  • Optimism as a belief system:

Happiness is a state of mind. It is a feeling and a belief that the future is going to turn out well. Though there are times when our levels of happiness can fluctuate, but keeping an overall optimistic outlook helps you to balance it out and remain stable. If you do not consider yourself as an optimist, look out for ways to create positive and happy events around you. Good things happen to those who work for it. Spend some time everyday writing about the three happy things which you did. Work hard towards your goals, cherish and celebrate each accomplishment and be hopeful towards the next one!

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