Tips From the Culinary Scientists

By Refadoc, Posted on : Thursday, 18 December 2014 - 4:47 am IST

Culinary Scientists and food experts from all over the world bring you some of the most delightful tips in order to make your food choices not only healthy, but nutritious at the same time. They readily endorse that the most crucial step in order to obtain a perfect, pock free peel is by making sure to tap your hard boiled eggs with the spoon or by rolling them on the countertop in order to crack the shell before you shock the eggs in cold water. Also, don’t leave the eggs in the water for too long. Peel them off as soon as they are cool enough to be handled.

Here are some more great tips from the food scientists:

  • Lighten up on the Garlic:

Every time you log in and watch a cooking show, you will be able to see some guy loading up his dish with garlic. However, if you have a delicate palate, skip adding garlic in your salad. Instead of that, rub your bowl with a peeled clove of Garlic. The result is going to be magical! You would be able to get a pleasant background note of garlic infused all throughout the salad. You need to try this, if you haven’t already. 

  • Add More Garlic:

Yes, contrary to rule number one, if you are peeling a garlic and come across the green shoot, do not recoil horror and scrap it out immediately. Our food scientists tasted the dishes they cooked with and without the shoot and were not able to notice any signs of bitterness. So, load up on Garlic if you are a fan. 

  • Curing a Hangover:

According to a recent survey, coffee and aspirin have emerged out to be the most reliable cure for a hangover. If both of them are taken four to six hours of drinking, they can block out the effect of alcohol. However, our Culinary Scientists have something else to offer. How about a Bloody Mary? It contains Vodka, salt and fructose in order to aid with the rehydration and potassium and Vitamin C in order to offset the depletions. The high density ballast of the juice is known to settle the stomach itself. 

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