Top Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 13 May 2015 - 1:03 pm IST

Top Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a baby on the way or are already a full time parent. When it comes to deciding on a Pediatrician it is very important to get all the facts right and to choose one who is both reliable and an expert in his field.

Here are some of the basic questions that you should be asking your Pediatrician:

  1. How much should I be feeding my newborn?
  2. What is the best possible way to make sure that my baby is getting the requisite amount of Vitamin D?
  3. How can I make sure that my baby is sleeping as safely as he could?
  4. Are the sleeping patterns of my baby absolutely normal?
  5. What should I be expecting in my baby’s diaper? Is it normal?
  6. What vaccine shots are recommended for my baby? How can make those shots easier for my baby?
  7. How should I be caring for my baby’s umbilical cord area?
  8. Should we be going for circumcision? What are the pros and cons of this process?
  9. How should I be bathing my baby?
  10. What possible medicines are needed by my baby? How should I give them to him?
  11. How can I protect my baby from illnesses and infections? What are the signs and symptoms of a possible illness in a baby?
  12. How should I be taking down the temperature of my baby? What is the normal range of temperature for the baby?
  13. Could be there be possible side effects of some vaccinations and how can we moderate that?
  14. Should I be giving my child a flu shot?
  15. What are the best over the counter medications which should be given to my child? What side effects should I be looking out for?
  16. Does my child need any allergy shots?
  17. How can I tell the difference between allergy symptoms in my child and common cold?
  18. We have a pet. Are there any precautions that we should be using in that case?
  19. Since I am breastfeeding my baby, are there some medications, food or beverages that I should be avoiding?
  20. How often should I be nursing or bottle feeding my baby?
  21. Since I am bottle feeding my baby, which formula would you recommend?
  22. How can I soothe the crying of my baby?
  23. Should offering a pacifier recommended?
  24. How often should I be trimming my baby’s nails?
  25. How often should I be bathing my baby?
  26. What kind of a soap or shampoo should I be using on my baby
  27. What should be done in order to treat diaper rashes?
  28. What is the safest sleeping arrangement for my child?
  29. When should I start feeding my baby some solid food?
  30. What foods should be avoided?
  31. What should be done in case of a medical emergency?
  32. How high of a fever is too high for my baby?
  33. What is your recommendation on antibiotics


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