Travelling Safely With Your Pet

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 04 February 2015 - 12:44 pm IST

Travelling with pets is becoming one of the most popular trends these days. With today’s cats and dogs which are being introduced to pet friendly airlines, it is very crucial to know some of the best ways to travel with your pets.

Travelling by a Plane:

In most cases, it is very safe to travel with your pet in a plane, if your pet Okays it. Animals are accustomed to travelling in car or to go out on walks. However, if your pet is going to travel internationally via an airline, it requires a health certificate from your pet. You have to make sure that the vaccines for your pet are up to date. Also consider an ID collar and a tag for your pet.

By Car:

If your pet is going to travel by a car, here are some of the best ways to travel:

  • Make sure that your dog wears a specially designed collar or seat belt in order to harness them to the seat.
  • Make sure that there is an adequate amount of ventilation.
  • Never let your pet put their head outside the window. This can lead to ear and eye injuries.

No matter what way your pet is travelling, here are some of the basic tips which should always be followed:

  1. Make sure that your pet is well groomed. They should not be itchy or dirty.
  2. Make sure that you carry along some comforts of home, such as beds, blankets, toys and litter box.
  3. Rather than buying new types of foods, make sure that you carry your pet’s familiar food items from home.
  4. Carriers should be big enough so that there is room for standing, turning around and for food and water.
  5. Place absorbent towels on the carrier floor in case of any accidents.
  6. Make sure that you carry a pet first aid kit in case of any emergency. 
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