Ways To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

By Refadoc, Posted on : Wednesday, 03 December 2014 - 4:34 am IST


With the increasing divorce rates and breakup’s every day, it seems like Long Distance Relationships have started gaining a wider acceptability all over the world. However, it is quite surprising that long distance relationships have a larger probability of being successful as compared to their counterparts. Is it true that separation makes the heart grow fonder or something else is the reason behind the widespread success of long distance relationships?

If you have just begun your own fling with a long distance relationship, here are a few tips for prolonging the success ratio of the relationship and making it work:

Be open in your communication:

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. However, in a long distance relationship, communication tends to play an even more important part. It is crucial for both the partners to keep their lines of communication open and spend some quality time with each other every day. Making an effort and devoting some time really pays off in the end.

Make the best use of technology:

Everything is possible these days. It is no longer the time for letter writing and waiting for days in the anticipation of a reply. With the affordable and easily available ways of communication at your service, make the most of it. Skype with each other internationally and remain in constant contact with each other.

Resolve the issues:

No relationship goes by without any issues coming up. Communicate regularly with your partner and make sure that you fortify your long distance relationship. Resolving the trust issues pays in the longer run. Absence or lack of communication can cause insecurity and paranoia to arise. Therefore, make sure that you entrust a feeling of mutual understanding and trust in each other at all times.

Remember the reason behind your relationship:

Love is the reason that brought you together in the first place. As long as you remember that, nothing in the world can tear you apart. Know the reasons why you become romantically involved with your partner in the first place and that is enough to negate any pessimistic thoughts which may come your way over the passage of time. It is crucial to understand that distance is not a major factor when love dominates your relationship.

Meet Frequently:

Any chance you get to visit each other, grasp it, without thinking twice. Even if you get to spend minimal time together, make the most of it. Making memories while you can is the foundation of a long distance relationship. Spending time with one another keeps the spark alive and bears a testimony to the physical aspect of your relationship.

Keep the spark alive:

Though distance can make the heart grow fonder, it is very important to keep the spark of physical attraction alive at all the times. Sadness and depression can cause the partners to develop a negative approach towards life and relationship in general. Therefore, being motivated and keeping the spark alive is important at every point throughout the relationship.

Understand your goals and prioritize:

Professional life and romantic life should always be kept apart. It is very important to understand your obligations to both your romantic life as well as your career. Though the demands of both could be taxing at times, it is important to gain a complete understanding of both in order to move ahead in your relationship and to give your romantic life a best possible chance at survival.

Though long distance relationship can prove to be a challenge in itself, the outcome is worth the wait and the distance. So, plunge in with the best that you have got in order to give your relationship a fair chance of being a successful one! 

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