When Do Pups Lose Their Teeth

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 09 March 2015 - 11:31 am IST

One of the biggest challenges while raising a puppy is to deal with all the chewing that they do. If you are considering buying a puppy, you should know that throughout their first year of life, your puppy is going to chew for the most of the year.

Dogs often have two sets of teeth – 28 baby teeth which will be replaced by 42 permanent teeth. When a puppy is two to three weeks old, their baby teeth starts to fall off and are followed by the permanent ones. All of the temporary teeth fall off and the permanent ones are in place by the time a puppy is eight weeks of age. The first teeth are small and are painfully sharp. The is one of the major reason why mother dogs tend to wean their pups at the age of five to six weeks of age.

Losing the Baby Teeth:

By the age of eight to twelve weeks of age, the roots of the temporary teeth start to resort and the teeth begin to loosen out and fall. This makes room for the permanent teeth to come in and fill the spaces. The permanent incisors are the first ones to come in; they are followed by the canine teeth and the premolars. The last teeth are the ones to erupt in and the adult set, the molars are. Puppies do not have the molars. In most of the breeds of dogs, the permanent teeth are present by the age of eight months of age.

Coming of the Adult Teeth in Normally:

It is recommended to have a dental care program as soon as you get a new puppy. Keep a tab on the teeth of your pet in order to make sure that they are coming in normally. If two teeth are being crowded into a single space, make sure that they are dealt with immediately, as they can cause dental problems. Foods can get caught in between the teeth and can cause periodontal disease. Retained temporary teeth needs to be removed surgically. At the time the dog is to be neutered, typically around the 4-6 months, any retained temporary teeth should be removed surgically. 

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