Why do Women Cheat?

By Refadoc, Posted on : Saturday, 03 January 2015 - 3:12 am IST

One of our recent surveys which were conducted via an online dating website for married women was able to find the major reasons why women cheat on their partners. Though the reasons may vary from one woman to the other, we were able to find that most women cheat only to find a person who did not have the trait which they were either looking for or which was absent in their annoying partner.

The survey was conducted over a group of 6000 women online and some of the major reasons why women indulge in adultery and cheating are as mentioned below. So, here are the top ten reasons why women cheat:

  •          Their partner lacks a sense of humor and is very dry      19%
  •          Their partner is not able to understand them                  16%
  •          Their partner cannot satisfy them sexually                     14%
  •          Their partner does not have proper manners                  11%
  •          Their partner is very lazy and lacks ambition                  10%
  •          Their partner maintains a poor hygiene                          9%
  •          Their partner is not successful professionally                   7%
  •          Their partner does not respect and follow social duties     5%
  •          Their partner is a mamma’s boy                                     5%
  •          Their partner is grudging                                               4%

So guys, do an introspection and try not to give any of the above reasons to your loved one. Dont let your love life crumble!

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