Why Does Your Cat Purr?

By Refadoc, Posted on : Monday, 09 March 2015 - 11:31 am IST

Cats and Purring go hand in hand. Cat owners are known to associate purring with contentment, comfort and security. For many pet owners, purring is a sign that their feline friend is happy and healthy. However, let us decode the meaning of your cat’s purring for you in a simple and happy way.

In most of the ways, it is true. Purring has always been associated with happiness and contentment in cats. However, behaviour scientists are known to believe that the original purpose of the purring is for the kitten to let its mother know that all is well. During the nursing stage of the kitten, it cannot meow all the time, but it does purr and lets it mother know. The mother often purrs back and reassures the kitten by using their tactile conversation method. This one of the major reasons why your cat purrs back when it is petted instinctually giving back the signal that all is well.

However, this is not the only signal that your cat is trying to give back to you by purring. Older cats often tend to purr when they play or when they are approached by other cats. This is signal that they are friendly and they want them to come closer.

Cats are also known to purr when they are distressed or afraid. Often, sick or injured cats purr in pain as a sign of distress. It is thought to be a cat’s way of reassuring and calming herself. Purring is one of the several ways of non verbal communication used by the cats in order to convey their moods and needs. Some of the other methods of conversation could be blinking, scratching, facial rubbing and spraying.

So, the next time when your cat is purring while lying curled in your lap, you will know what it is trying to say. 

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