Winter Health Problems: All Solved!

By Refadoc, Posted on : Tuesday, 30 December 2015 - 2:51 am IST


With the change in the weather, the changes in our health are evident as well. Winters can often be very cruel for women. Changes can range from physical to psychological and can affect your overall health and well being. So, take a look at some of the most common ill effects of the winter season on our health and quick solutions to get over them:

  • Lowered Immunity

Did you ever wonder why so many people around you fall sick on the onset of the winter season? Most of the times we tend to blame it all on the change of the season; however, it’s our immunity which is to be blamed for this change. Our body often spends time in order to get used to the winter season and during this time, our immunity tends to run low, which makes us more prone to flu and common cold.

  • Solution:

The solution to low immunity is very simple and easy to follow. Make sure that your hands are clean at all times in order to stay healthy. Also, make sure to carry a hand sanitizer with you whenever it is possible. Though you may not feel thirsty due to the cold weather, try drinking as much water as you can. Being hydrated can help your system to clean out on its own and helps you to remain healthy.

  • Lower Energy:

During the winter season, we tend to feel more tired and sleepy. Since we do not have enough light hours throughout the day, we tend to keep our body programmed to sleep when it is dark, which makes us even more lethargic and sleepy as usual.

  • Solution:

Longer nights often tend to make you go to bed early and rise early too. Make the best of this time by going in for a walk and absorb some of the Vitamin D which the morning sun has to offer. Try having proteins in the morning and carbs in the evening in order to keep your energy levels at check throughout the day. It is very important to provide your body with the much needed breaks and to refresh yourself from time to time.

  • Mood Swings:

Research studies have confirmed that women tend to experience extreme mood swings during the winter months which is also termed as winter depression amongst some women. This can also be blamed on the lower levels of serotonin due to the longer nights and the shorter days.

  • Solution:

Indulge in as many things as you can! Serotonin can be easily obtained from cheese, chocolates and coffee! So, whatever works for you, go for it! Try going for a walk in the morning or try soaking up some of that good sunlight when you can. Sunlight is the best energy source and the best way to get over the gloominess.

  • Weight Gain:

Feeling low and depressed throughout the day can often lead you to eat more and over indulging yourself. Also, the holidays and the parties can often lead you to indulge more. This can often cause the women to gain excessively and put on excessive calories. 

  • Solution:

Try doing some physical activity so that you can eat guilt free. Follow a fitness routine without fail and work out whenever you can! Instead of going for the coffee breaks, try going in for short walks instead. It will keep your body warm and will shake you up from the lethargy.


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