Consuming Tazorac during pregnancy

Created On : March 20, 2015

Women going through the child bearing age should use proper birth control measures when Tazoretene consumption is concerned. Using a negative pregnancy test with a sensitivity of at least 150 ml for Hcg should be use within two weeks before the starting of the tazorotene therapy, which should begin during the normal menstrual period.

Tazorotene is categorized under the Category X of the drugs. Studies based on animals have proved that the medication is known to reduce the fetal body weight, reduce the skeletal ossification, retinoid malfunctions, spina bifida and heart abnormalities. Tazarotene is known to be considered unsafe for use by pregnant women.

It is always recommended to check in with your doctor before using any drug while you are pregnant.

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  • March 19, 2016, 2:04 pm

My experience is similar to those posted here, but more severe. I have been using Tazorac with saving card for about 8 months and I am now 17 weeks pregnant. I listed this as a medication I use when I saw my OBGYN, they said nothing about it.

I talked to my pharmacist about my pregnancy when I picked up my prescription for Tazorac, she said nothing. I mentioned it again 2 days ago when I went to my regular doctor for something else and they asked me what medicines I am on, they said nothing.

So I have been obliviously using this product the whole time. I just happened to read the pamphlet two days ago, don't ask what possessed me to do so because I never read those things. Now you can bet that I will. It just goes to show that we have to be responsible for our own health care.

Of course, now I am terrified that I have caused a birth defect in my unborn child. I have an ultrasound scheduled in less than 2 weeks and I cannot wait. I just need to know.

Although I have seen that all of the research points to the fact that there is not really any evidence that use of topical Tazorac on the face only will cause high enough levels of the drug to cause defects so I am a little reassured. Although anything listed as a category X is terrifying.

Wish me luck! I will definitely post here once I get the results of my ultrasound.

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