Is it safe to use Cough Drops during pregnancy?

Created On : March 18, 2015

Most mothers to be are often scared to take any over the counter medications which may pose harm to their unborn baby. This can often include cough drops which are available to us in a variety of flavors and contain a large range of ingredients. Here is our verdict over cough drops during pregnancy:

  • Mentholated Cough Drops: Mentholated Cough drops are known to numb the pain along the throat and they contain cough suppressants along with an oral anesthetic. Cough drops which consist of dextromethorphan and Guaifenesin are known to be considered safe for women.
  • Non Mentholated Cough Drops: These cough drops are known to coat the throat with a soothing substance. They are not known to suppress the coughs or to numb the pain in the throat. These drops are often made from natural ingredients such as Lemon, Honey or Mint. Some of them are also known to contain a blend of herbs. If you are not sure about the effects and the ingredients of these drops on your baby, it is recommended to check in with your doctor before taking them.

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