Joint Pains in Pregnancy? Why are they caused?

Created On : March 20, 2015

During Pregnancy women often experience joint pains. So, find out more as to why you experience aches and pains and what can you do about them.

Often, a joint pain is accompanied by stiffness, soreness or pain around the body bends and joints such as elbows, fingers, knees, hips or more.

Pregnancy weight gain is one of the most common causes of joint pain in pregnant women. Since weight gain can exert a pressure on the joints of the knees and the heels, it can make them hurt. Joint pain is more commonly experienced by women who are expecting their first baby. If the pregnant woman exercises a lot, she might be able to get joint pain from the overexertion.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is also very common amongst pregnant women. Due to the fluid gain, there could be the exertion of an increased pressure around the wrist, triggering the pain in both the wrist and the hands.

For Joint Pains, it is recommended to mention it and to get it checked from your gynecologist. In order to treat general joint pain, it is also recommended to use Tylenol. However, it is also very important to rest, elevate your feet during night time and to cut back on the exercise if that is making your pain worse.

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