What causes Acid Reflux during early pregnancy? Is it normal and safe?

Created On : March 18, 2015

During the course of the pregnancy sometimes, the stomach acid avoids staying inside and instead creeps up to the esophagus. The reason why acid reflux is more common amongst pregnant women is because of the progesterone, the major hormone involved during the course of pregnancy, slows down the working of the digestive system.

Along with the pressure of the growing baby, this tends to increase the possibility of the stomach acid to make its way upwards instead. Some of the most common symptoms of an acid reflux happen to be a burning sensation along the throat and the upper chest. Some women also tend to experience nausea, burping and regurgitation during acid reflux.

However, this is nothing to get worried about! Acid Reflux is very common amongst pregnant women all over the world. Almost half the women all over the world experience it sometime or the other during the course of their pregnancy. It also poses no danger to the health of the mother and the infant in any way.

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