Best cooking oil to be used to control cholestrol?

Created On : February 24, 2015


My family member has been recently diagnosed with high cholesterol and I want to switch the cooking oil which i use right now.. what should i go for?




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Arun Prasad

  • December 10, 2014
Hi Sonia, A lot of experts will say Olive Oil, but that oil is not suitable as per the cooking demands of the foods in our country. Go for Saffola Total Oil. It contains sunflower oil as well as bran oil and is therefore good for your family's health. You will be able to use very little oil in order to get good results for the food. Try using this and see the difference for yourself. Hope this helps.

Diyva B

  • December 10, 2014
Hi You can use any of these oils: Olive oil Anola Oil Flaxseed oil peanut oil sunflower oil

Prateek Bajaj

  • December 10, 2014
Hi, Olive oil is good but is very expensive, I would say that you should go for sunflower oil. It is the best and is affordable also.

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