Best doctor for treatment of painful varicocele in Bangalore, Pune?

Created On : March 11, 2015

I have been sufferring from Varicocele for the last 3 months. This has adversely affected my personal life. I have visited a number of doctors but in vain. Can anyone tell me the best doctor for varicocele treatment in Bangalore or Pune, since I keep travelling to Pune even though based out of Bangalore? Is surgery is really required for varicocele? Is it accompanied with constant pain in the lower back and left or right testicles? 

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  • March 12, 2015

I can very well understand your situation. I dealt with painful epididymitis and varicocele in my left testicles (accompanied with persistent lower back pain) for more than 9 months and have thankfully got cured.

I'm married and started feeling the varicocele and epididymitis pain in my left testicles while playing. Initially, it was a tough challenge finding the right doctor. One of the doctors made me go through sonography (colour doppler test). The radiologist said that it was epididymitis with a small cyst. Doctor prescribed me antibiotics for 5 days. Unfortunately, after 5 days, the pain in the left testicles and lower back was still there. It was a painful situation because it definitely creates havoc in your personal and social life. Its very tough to deal with a persistent lower back pain. You cannot play, be active and ultimately loose out on confidence.
Then I visited another doctor, who immediately said that I would need a surgery. He made me go to a Radiologist for Sonography. Reports suggested that I had initial stages of funiculitis and varicocele. It seems that Epidymitis had got cured (and the cyst in the left testicles had gone) after taking antibiotics, but varicocele was still persistent. I was not comfortable with the idea of surgery hence, turned towards Homeopathy medicines. Fortunately, I met a Doctor, Dr. Shrirang Oak in Kothrud, Pune. Initially, I was not sure if I could be cured using Homeopathy medicines but it definitely was worth giving a try since surgery was not at all an option. I continued Dr. Oak's medication for 2-3 months and finally got cured. Pls ensure that you always wear a supporter while playing or performing any physical excercise. You need not come to Pune for its treatment. You can find a good doctor in Bangalore. Homeopathy medicines definitely have a cure for epididymitis and varicocele.  Pls note that as per my experience, surgery is not required for the treatment of varicocele and epididymitis.

Shreyas M

  • March 24, 2015

Thank you Ravi for your valuable insights. Can you recommend a good doctor in Hyderabad for varicocele or varicose veins?


  • March 24, 2015
@Shreyas: For varicose veins or varicocele treatment, you can try out any known doctor in Hyderabad or Secunderabad (practising homeopathy). That should work for you. Incase you still arent cured after a month or so, pls do see an expert Radiologist to exactly understand the ailment. 
I suffered a lot because the Radiologists I saw were not able to properly diagnose my situation/ailment.


  • December 16, 2015

Hi ravikashyap. my husband is suffering from varicocele as well and he has been taking treatment from Dr. Srirang Oak since past 3 months. But he is not getting cured. it is still increasing. Did you follow anything else also to get completely cured?


  • December 17, 2015
Hi there,
First thing I did was stop playing and indulging in any physical activity and also physical relation. I used to sit in little hot salt water (15-20 mins).
MOST IMP: Wear tight undergarments for scrotal support. I started getting cured 2-3 weeks after I started taking extreme care. With proper scrotal support, I never felt the pain. Testicles should not move when u move. They need proper support and should be tightly supported.
When I look back, the most important challenge faced by me was finding the right Radiologist. A radiologist in Aundh said that I had Epididymitis, another one said funiculitis and intial stages of varicose veins.
First things first, get hold of a genuine and experienced Radiologist. Dr Arun Kinare is one of the best in Pune  (I heard somewhere that he is not practising for the next 2 months or so as he is unwell).
The next good options are Dr. Charuchandra Patni. You can try Dr Mahendra Gulati too.
Go for the tests only if you want to confirm your current situation of ailment. I have had bad experiences with Radiologists, so wanted to ensure that you dont
go thru the same pain.
Show these reports to Dr Shrirang Oak and seek his opinion. Try and understand what Dr Oak has to say about it. He once told me that its a mechanical problem and not an ailment. 40-50% of the people have varicose veins but only 5-10% experience pain because they are sensitive towards it.
You can visit Dr Kaulgud who practices in Aundh. An excellent genuine and trustworthy doctor. For second opinion I had showed him my report as he is my family physician for many years.
Dr Kaulgud gave me antibiotics. His only advice after giving medications was to keep scrotals intact. My pain continued even after 3 days of antibiotics prescribed by Dr Kaulgud. But the pain had reduced significantly. Also, after Dr Kaulgud's medications, I continued with Dr Oak's medications.
This entire process took me 6 long months. But again proper diagnosis of the condition and scrotal support is must.
You also should very politely ask Dr Oak as to how long will it take to get cured as homeopathy medicines does take time. I'm definitely one of his patients but still its good to get a clearer idea. As cases differ from person to person.
All the best


  • May 25, 2016

i am suffering from last 6months testies vericosel please treatment and doctor or hospital


  • November 3, 2016

Thanks for the above information. I consulted Dr Srirang Oak and my pain has completely gone. 

From the discussion which I had with him, I understood certain things which I thought I would share here:

Basically varicocele is a mechanical problem and it cannot be cured by Homeopathy but the pain can completely dissappear with Homeopathy medicine. There are 4 grades of varicocele problem: grade 1, 2 and 3 are less likely to cause infertility but grade 4 can cause infertility. The pain in all 4 grades can be cured by homeopathy.

If you are concerned only about the pain and not about infertility then you can go for homeopathy as was my case. I already have 2 kids and recently I started feeling the pain so I was not worried about infertility as I don't intend to have more kids. Though mine was grade 4, since I wasn't worried about infertility, I went for homeopathy medicine from Dr Srirang Oak and my pain is gone completely. 

However if you are suffering from grade 4 and suffering from infertility because of it, then homeopathy would not be the solution.


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