Down Syndrome

Created On : October 10, 2015

Down syndrome is caused by genetic defect where there are three copies of chromosome number 21 (we all have 2 copies of each of 23 chromosomes). The babies can die before birth. After birth, they look chubby, cheerful with mongoloid feature (like people from Chinese/ Mongolian Origin) but MENTALLY RETARDED. They have reduced life span and mostly die from lung or heart disease, leukaemia etc. They have defect in various parts including thyroid, kidney, eye, ear, intestine etc.Practically, no treatment can cure the disease.
Majority of this is associated with increased maternal age, especially after 35. But we can prevent birth of such baby by pre-marital and pre-conceptional counseling (consulting doctors before planning for pregnancy) and also by various tests (like blood tests and ultrasound) in early pregnancy. Even we can confirm the test by testing the cells of the fetus.
So, become aware. Let us take the steps to prevent Down Syndrome

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