Is it safe to take Crocin while you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Created On : May 6, 2015

Is it safe to take Crocin while you are pregnant? Are there any side effects or harms of taking it? Please advice.

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Anjuman Dayal

  • May 6, 2015

It is quite safe to take Crocin while you are pregnant. However, attention is to be paid to only take it when it is necessary. In case you are suffering from a mild headache only, there is no need to take the medication. Natural ways of treatment such as sleeping and taking rest should be preferred. It is overall recommended to take paracetamol as compared to Crocin. Crocin I a mix of paracetamol as well as caffeine. During pregnancy, it is advised to pay careful attention to your caffeine intake.


Overall, Crocin is safe for both the mother as well as the child. However, no more than 3 doses should be taken in a day. In case your fever is not being controlled after taking Crocin, make sure that you consult with your doctor at the soonest. 


  • January 23, 2016

My gynac had suggested Crocin when I was breastfeeding and had little fever. She said it's completely safe. However before taking any medicine u shud consult ur gynac first as case differs from person to person. 

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