Is Revital tables by Ranbaxy beneficial for women

Created On : May 6, 2015


Is Revital good for women? What could be the possible effects of it? Should pregnant women take the tablets?


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Harshdeep Kaur

  • May 6, 2015


You can use Revital for women. It is very beneficial for women. some of the benefits of the capsules are: 

It helps to maintain bone health, fights weakness and tiredness, Contains Ginseng and Magnesium, Combines vitamins and minerals, maintains good health, contains vitamin and is also good for healthy hair and skin.


  • October 20, 2015

Revital is very good. My mom takes it often. Earlier she used to get tired quite soon. However after taking this daily she has felt a lot of improvement. She feels improvement in her immunity too. So she advised me to take it. I took it for many months and I too felt its good. However I stopped it when I was trying to concieve as I didnt know what side effects it may have on the baby. In pregnancy I dont think its advisable. However you should consult your gynac. Not only for revital but for any medication in pregnancy you should always ask your gynac only and not rely on any posts, forums or even anyone's personal advice as every woman's body acts differently and in pregnancy you need to be very careful.

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