Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel - Reviews

Created On : January 22, 2016

Hello, someone has recommended me to use Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel from Baba Ramdev. However, I want to know does it really have some good benefits before I purchase it. Any views or suggestions would be welcome.

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  • January 30, 2016

Hey. Yes, I have been using this gel from the last three years now and till now I have not experienced any single acne or any other mark on my skin till now. Even my skin has started glowing now. And it is not much costly also as compared to the other products. It’s very natural and good to use.


  • February 1, 2016

Hello. Yes, you can use the gel. It is very natural but you should know the correct procedure to use this gel. This is not a face wash like other products. It is more like a cream for your face. You need to wash your face properly and then apply this to your face in the morning or around the time when you are going to sleep at night. You can massage it first on your palms and then apply it over your face. Your skin would take some time to soak it all in. Then you would be able to see a change in your skin tone within a month. After using this, you don’t need to use any other cosmetics etc.


  • February 8, 2016

My sister has been using this gel for a long time now. She has been able to get a good glow on her skin as well as the pimples have also reduced. Good product.


  • February 12, 2016

This is a very good product to use. It can also be applied to your hair – it makes your hair very shiny and silky. It can also be used over cuts and bruises – it might sting a little, but is quite good. Even it can be used as a sunscreen for your neck, face as well as the hands. Very multipurpose product because it contains Aloe Vera in it which is beneficial for many areas.


  • February 13, 2016

I have loved this product after using it. It is non sticky and is able to provide an instant result for the skin. It gets rids of all the pimples as well as white pigmentation, if you suffer from it. Very affordable also.


  • February 16, 2016

Wonderful product for your skin! It is green in color and also contains some Vitamin E. Very natural and herbal. Works instantly if you are suffering from acne or pimples. No more acne for people who are using this product. The price is also quite cheaper.


  • February 16, 2016

This product is very good to use. I had some face rashes but since I have started using this product there has been a great reduction in the rashes. It is very good for acne also. Gives you a glowing and a beautiful face. Nice product.

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