Veet Safe or harmful during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Created On : May 6, 2015

Is it safe to use hair removal creams such as Veet or Anne French while I am pregnant? If not, what could be the harmful side effects of it?

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Neeta Arora

  • May 6, 2015

Yes, it is quite safe to use hair creams while you are pregnant, but they can cause some skin irritation in you as well.

The chemicals found in the hair removal creams work on the outer part of your skin and the hair. The cream can cause the hair to break and thus, separate from your skin. The fragrances and the essences used in the hair removal cream can irritate the skin and can trigger an allergic reaction. This is caused as the skin is very sensitive while you are pregnant.

The hair growth tends to increase while you are pregnant. However, certain precautions should be taken while using hair removal cream:

1.      Read the manual beforehand when you are applying the cream.

2.      Avoid using the cream on broken or sensitive skin.

3.      Perform a patch test before you apply the cream on your skin.

4.      Make sure that the room is well ventilated before you use the cream. It tends to have a strong smell which can cause nausea in some cases.


5.      Avoid leaving the cream on your skin for a time longer than needed. Use a clock in order to time the application. 

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